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Hard, thick dark green skin. Yellow flesh bakes beautifully. Good Keeper. Very popular.

BIRDHOUSE Hourglass shape is perfect for creating natural hanging birdhouses. Simply dry over winter & drill in spring. Can also be painted or varnished once dry.
BLUE HUBBARD Unusual shape, large size and unique silvery-blue skin make this a great choice for decorating. Fine grained flesh is rather bland and gives best flavor when baked and then mashed with spices or brown sugar to enhance sweetness.
BUTTERCUP Considered the "Gold Standard" against which other eating squashes are compared. Exceptionally sweet and smooth flesh is excellent baked.
BUTTERNUT Attractive smooth cashew-colored skin. Flesh has good flavor & texture. Good keeper.
CARNIVAL Colorful multi-colored skin and exceptionally sweet, nutty flavored flesh. Among the finest for eating. Good keeper.
CINDERELLA Shaped like Cinderella's "pumpkin" carriage, this is a favorite with children for autumn decorating. A French heirloom variety introduced in the United States in 1883. SOLD OUT
COTTON CANDY A beautiful decorative pumpkin with smooth clean white skin and vanilla-white sweet flavored flesh.
DELICATA Lemon yellow skin with forest-green vertical stripes. Fine grained flesh is among the sweetest of table squashes. Heirloom variety introduced in 1894.
Flattened shape, similar to 'Cinderella'. Green skin. Deep orange sweet flavored flesh.
GALEUX D'EYSINES Also called "Bumpkins" or "Pink Peanuts", for obvious reasons. Unusual "warty" appearance makes it unique for decorating. Sweet moist orange flesh is also good for baking & soups.
GEORGIA CANDY ROASTER A huge elongated squash with thin pinkish colored skin. Deliciously sweet orange flesh is excellent for baking. Rare.
GOLDEN HUBBARD Hard dark orange skin. Sweet, dry fine-grained golden-yellow flesh is good for baking & roasting. Heirloom variety introduced in 1898. Good Keeper. SOLD OUT
JARRAHDALE Smooth, shiny slate-blue skin and flattened heavily ribbed form are highly decorative. Good keeper.
LA ESTELLA A newer introduction selected for uniform fruit size and superior flesh color.
MARINA DI CHIOGGIA An heirloom squash from the Italian coastal town of Chioggia. Rich, sweet orange-yellow flesh is delicious in pies or baked.
MINI PUMPKINS Bright orange, perfectly shaped, super-hard little "Mini Pumpkins" are a favorite for tabletop decorating and for carrying in children's small hands.
ONE TOO MANY Pleasant soft green & orange toned skin compliments the uniform shape of this squash. A newer introduction selected for its decorative value.
PIE PUMPKINS Just the right size to use for pies & baking. Also a favorite with children.
PUMPKINS Good ol' fashioned pumpkins. All shapes and sizes. Great for decorating, carving, and seed-baking.
RED EYE Rounded shape and roughly textured deep orange-red skin make this a good decorating squash.SOLD OUT
SUNSPOT Dark red Buttercup hybrid with exceptionally tasty dry orange colored flesh.
SWAN GOURD Perhaps the most beautiful of all gourds. Graceful swan-shape is superbly decorative. Can be dried over winter and painted or drilled in spring. SOLD OUT
TURK'S TURBAN A premier decorating squash valued for its unique and beautiful appearance. Fair table quality. An heirloom variety introduced in 1869.
VALENCIANO Smooth skinned ivory colored squash will add contrast to your fall decorating.
Similar to the familiar 'Acorn', but this one with creamy-white skin. Great for eating or decorating.
WINGED GOURDS Hard shelled "winged" gourds are extraordinarily eye-catching and ideal for tabletop decorating.


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