Daylily Lists

Daylily Lists

Red Daylilies

Fire-Engine-Red is a much sought after color for the garden, and very hard to find in perennial flowers. 

Daylilies are one Genus that offers a great selection of all shades of red, including "true red".

White Daylilies
Although daylily aficionados will tell you that a "true white" has not yet been attained, we believe these do indeed qualify as white. 

Some of the older varieties open in the morning a vanilla color but age to white by mid day.

Re-Blooming Daylilies
Sometimes referred to as "Everblooming", they aren't really. They differ from the majority of our midseason daylilies in blooming early, resting during mid summer and often blooming again (with a reduced flower size & flower count) in autumn. There are many beautiful re-blooming daylilies to be found in the southern United States. However, with our abbreviated growing season here in Wisconsin the selection of re-bloomers is limited. Most of the varieties that re-bloom offer smaller flowers and are limited to a smaller range of color and form. We recommend combining these varieties with mid season bloomers to extend the season in both directions, but don't feel that this group offers enough interest to carry the season themselves.

Pink Daylilies

We probably have more requests for pink daylilies than any other color. It is hard to find a TRUE pink in a daylily as many lean either towards melon or violet. 

We have listed the varieties that we feel are closest to true.

Daylilies that are Open in the Evening
Most daylilies open in the morning and close at dusk. For those of us who work long days at the office and yet want to enjoy daylilies in the garden, there are a few that either stay open into the evening hours or begin blooming in the evening and stay open all night.

Late Blooming Daylilies
The vast majority of daylilies in our climate bloom from mid July through early August. There are a few, however, that will bloom into late summer and early autumn.

Most of the late blooming varieties aren't as dramatically showy as the mid season bloomers but are valuable in extending the bloom season and have their own charm.

Purple Daylilies

There are many lovely daylilies in shades of lavender through rich royal purple.

Purple daylilies (and dark colored daylilies in general) hold their rich color best in partial shade. In full sun the darker colors may appear "muddy" by late afternoon.

Ruffled Daylilies
One of the characteristics that hybridizers have been breeding for in recent years in ruffled or piecrust edges, ideally with picotee edge coloration.

Southern daylilies have offered extravagant ruffling for many years but we are now finally finding it available in northern hardy varieties as well.
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