Daylilies, Purple

Monches Farm, LLC
5890 Monches Road
Colgate, Wisconsin
phone: 262-966-2787

Purple Daylilies:

Purple daylilies hold their rich color best in partial shade. In full sun the color may appear "muddy" by late afternoon.

Always Afternoon mauve with purple eye; Nice!
Barbary Corsair mini
Bela Lugosi very dark
Grape Magic reblooms
Little Grapette
Little Violet Lace Violet
Minstrel Boy
Oakes Seedling
Pompeian Purple
Purple Quest
Siloam Royal Prince
Siloam Simple Simon Lilac bicolor with pencil eye
Sister Faye
Stella in Purple
Summer Wine Lavender
Swirling Waters
Ultra Violet
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