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Deer Repellent
Commercial deer repellants can be very expensive and yet the "active ingredient" in most is something most of us have in our own kitchens : Egg. Try this recipe for home-made Deer Repellent shared with us by a customer who swears that she enjoys tulips and hosta on her property while her neighbors struggle with growing anything green. We've tried it here on the Farm and our experience with it so far is very positive.

1 Egg
1/2 cup Milk
1 Tbsp. Oil ( we use Hot Chili Oil, but regular vegetable oil can also be used)
1 Tbsp. Dish Soap

Mix ingredients in gallon of jug of water (we use our empty milk gallons)
Allow to "ferment" for several days/weeks
Filter out large sediment and apply with sprayer

Last up to four weeks, even through rains

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