Perennial Plants

Perennials for all Seasons

We grow over 1,000 varieties of hardy fieldgrown perennials
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Although most perennials bloom for no more than three to four weeks it is possible to have flowers throughout most of the growing season by selecting plants with varying bloom times. It is also important to consider foliage and habit when selecting perennials, since this is what you will be viewing throughout the season.
Click on the plant names below to read about and see photos of our featured perennial plants from earliest Spring through late Autumn.

March 20 Pushkinia

April 4 Fritillaria

April 9 Helleborus

April 10 Erythronium

April 15 Chionodoxa

April 16 Scilla

April 19 Corydalis solida

April 20 Phlox

April 27 Dodecatheon

April 29 Alchemilla

May 7 Camassia

May 20 Euphorbia

June 3 Stachys

June 7 Baptisia

June 8 Allium

June 15Amsonia

June 23 Callirhoe

June 25 Aruncus

June 26 Digitalis

June 28 Cacalia

July 2 Astrantia

July 3 Persicaria

July 4 Echinacea

Mid July through early August DAYLILIES

July 27 Selinum

July 30 Monarda

August 4Pycnanthemum

August 15 Lycoris

August 17Eupatorium

August 25 Hydrangea

August 27Hibiscus

August 30 Anemone

September 1 Gentiana

September 5 Chelone

September 7Vernonia

September 9 Aralia

September 12 Caryopteris

September 14 Ornamental Grasses

September 16 Heuchera villosa

September 17 Clematis "Sweet Autumn"

September 20 Heptacodium

September 22Celastrus

October 10 Amsonia

Winter Scenes (February, 2009)
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