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Selinum carvifolium
Selinum carvifolium
Blooming This Week (last week of July)
Selinum carvifolium
Visitors often comment to us on the beauty of Queen-Anne's-Lace and lament that there is no garden worthy look-alike for the perennial garden. Well, in fact, there is! Selinum carvifolium is a wonderful, rarely seen hardy perennial that produces masses of delicate lacy white flowers very similar in appearance to Queen-Anne's Lace. The  foliage emerges in the spring as a dense mound of attractive  ferny foliage. The stems elongate to reach a height of 18"-24" and are topped in mid summer by the characteristic white flower heads. The flowers are an excellent companion to daylilies , which bloom at the same time, as well as just about any other flower we've combined it with. Its white color and light, airy form  lends itself  to complementing neighboring blossoms of any color.

Selinum has proven to be reliably hardy and long-lived for us at the Farm. It increases slowly and can be divided every few years. Word of caution, though: Do Not allow it to go to seed! Deadhead the mature flowers to prevent self sowing as it seeds prolifically if allowed to.

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