Meet our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Visitors often tell us that Monches Farm is a special place. We agree. The secluded rural setting, tucked away in a rolling wooded section of southeastern Wisconsin, makes it hard to believe that we're just 30 minutes from downtown Milwaukee. Our shop is abundant with unique gifts and one-of-a-kind everlasting floral arrangements. Our gardens and growing fields showcase mature specimens of a wide range of unusual perennial and annual plants. Our nursery sales yard features potted plants sunk into the earth where they will stay until adopted by a gardener (an assurance of winter hardiness!). Our chickens are entertaining. Sir Frederick, our peacock, is spectacular.
But we believe that what truly sets us apart is our people. We are fortunate to have a team of folks here at Monches Farm who are truly passionate about what they do. Our floral designers have decades of experience in working closely with our clients to create custom floral pieces. Our landscape staff is hard working and enthusiastic about their garden creations. The combined horticultural knowledge of our outdoor staff is vast. We're here for you. Visit. Ask. We can't wait to see you!

The Owners : Scott and Matt

Scott is the man behind the magic of Monches Farm. He studied Art and Anthropology at Ripon College and later Ornamental Horticulture at UW Madison. He pursued his dream of having his own business in 1980 by starting a small perennial nursery near the future site of what we now know as Monches Farm. To build up the business Scott also sold his harvest of plants and dried flowers at Farmers Markets as far as Madison. At that time he never imagined that it would grow to the multifaceted and inspirational place it is today.
Matthias was born in Germany into a family of Winemakers. He came to the US as an Archaeologist, and for the first years worked for a research company in Milwaukee, locating and studying prehistoric and historic Sites in Wisconsin. He then obtained a degree in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture and joined Scott at Monches Farm in 1996. Matt’s interest is focused on naturalistic garden spaces, which he and his crew are creating. Matt and Scott started Salisbury Hill-Garden Design as a sister Company to Monches Farm.
Scott and  Matt have identical interests in many ways. 

First and foremost Flowers and Gardens and everything that comes with it.

History and Historic Buildings 
In their travels Scott and Matt explore historic places in the US and Europe to learn more about gardens and historic architecture.
Both of them have separately and together restored many Pioneer buildings in Wisconsin and have a special interest in Fachwerk (Half Timber) Buildings.
They recreated a Rural Homestead near River Edge Nature Center in Newburg, Wisconsin where they relocated Historic Buildings, and created Fences,
Pastures and Gardens. This years project will be to establish a 14 acre prairie.

The beauty of things old is something that both Scott and Matt hold very dear. “ It is the soul in these things that brings warmth into our lives” Matt says. “The passion for these things is not something we learned it is something we had and build upon”.

Food and Cooking
Scott and Matt love good home made food and despite long hours at work enjoy cooking every day. For that they grow vegetables in their large kitchen garden that produces enough to also preserve for the winter .

Garden Center / Nursery Staff

Nursery Production Staff

Salisbury Hill Garden Design

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