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Euphorbia epithymoides
Euphorbia epithymoides
Euphorbia epithymoides
Blooming Today (May 20th):
Euphorbia epithymoides/polychroma (Cushion Spurge)

Aptly named, this hardy & adaptable perennial does indeed form a perfect "cushion" of color in the spring garden. A cousin of the familiar holiday Poinsettia, this plant sports bright yellow flowers (technically bracts) atop 12"-18" tightly mounding lime green foliage. It is a very showy addition to either the sun or shade garden and a super-hardy performer; an excellent choice for both beginning & advanced gardeners. By mid-summer it tends to become lax and look less-than-fresh, at which point an enthusiastic trimming (cut it back by 1/2 or more) will rejuvenate it and encourage fresh growth and a renewed tight mounding habit. Like all Euphorbias, it exudes a milky sap when cut that can be irritating to the skin so wear gloves when pruning (this same sap is toxic to deer & rabbits so this plant is left alone by chewing critters). Hardy to Zone 4.

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