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Amsonia hubrichtii fall foliage

Amsonia flowers
Amsonia hubrichtii fall foliage

This Week (second week of October):

Amsonia hubrichtii
(Threadleaf Bluestars)

Quick – name a hardy perennial whose foliage is so gorgeous at this time of year that it stops traffic! Looking out at a bedraggled, end-of-the-season perennial garden it may be hard to think of an answer. But there is one: Amsonia hubrichtii (Threadleaf Bluestars). This past weekend dozens of visitors were stopped in their tracks by the beauty of the autumn foliage display of this plant in our growing fields. Its other attributes include silver-blue star-like flowers in spring, delicate feathery green foliage and an attractive shrub-like presence throughout the growing season.

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