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Stachys macrantha
Stachys macrantha
Blooming This Week (first week of June):
Stachys macrantha (Big Betony)
This is, deservedly, a very popular plant in European gardens. We can't figure out why it doesn't get more recognition and use in American gardens while its overused cousin (Stachys byzantina or "Lamb's Ears") is seen everywhere. The leaves of this Stachys are a rich green and deeply veined, with scalloped edges. The showy flowers are a deep rosy-violet color and are borne in whorls on stems rising 6"-10" above the foliage. Once done blooming the foliage remains attractive throughout the season and spreads to form a thick mat, 6"-12" in height.  It is ideally suited to growing in partial shade but is quite adaptable and will also tolerate full sun. Hardy to Zone 3.

Another relative, also grown for its showy flowers, is Stachys 'Hummelo' . Much more vertical than S. macrantha, this plant bears narrow straight spires of bright pink flowers in mid summer. We find it to be an excellent companion for Daylilies, offering contrasting form, texture & color. Hardy to Zone 4.

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