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Polemonium reptans
Polemonium reptans Flower
Blooming this week (first week of May)
Polemonium reptans (our native "Jacob's Ladder")

Less familiar than its European cousin, this Jacob's Ladder is native to the Midwestern and eastern United States. As such it is perfectly adapted to growing in our soils and in our climate. The common name comes from the ladder-like configuration of the leaflets. This plant offers an early splash of blue to the garden. Dainty in habit, it only reaches 6"-10" in height, with an equal spread. It bears clusters of lavender-blue flowers, each with a purple-red halo and white center.  Although it will grow in sun it prefers partial shade and rich, moist  soil. Hardy to Zone 2.

A variegated form, Polemonium reptans 'Stairway to Heaven' ,offers variegated foliage in addition to beautiful blue flowers.

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