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Blooming This Week : ALLIUM
Allium Purple Sensation Allium Mount Everest
Allium bulgaricum Allium christophii
Alliums (Ornamental Onions) come in a wide range of sizes & forms. Everything from tiny Allium senescens 'Glaucum', whose distinctively whorled blue-green foliage almost resembles a sea urchin, to the gigantic globe types that impressively tower above their neighbors in June. Some Alliums retain their foliage throughout the growing season and those types prefer sunny growing conditions but the large showy globe Alliums go summer dormant and will happily grow in sun or (deciduous) shade. They companion beautifully with hosta & fern in the shade border. As an added bonus their pungently flavored foliage is unappealing to rabbits & deer. Come in and see our Allium collection. We have over a dozen varieties.

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