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Digitalis grandiflora

Digitalis lutea

Blooming This Week (4th week of June)


The Foxglove is a plant rich in folklore. The stems bear distinctive nodding bells that are thought to resemble all sorts of fanciful things and the plant's common names include 'Fairy Caps", "Goblin Gloves" and "Witches Thimbles"! The most familiar species is the colorful biennial Digitalis purpurea . This showy plant self seeds so prolifically in some part of the country that it is considered a weed. However, it is not partial to growing in Wisconsin gardens and we no longer carry it as we don't want our customers to be disappointed by plants that don't perform in our area. Thankfully, there are several other wonderful members of this Genus that are true perennials and do thrive in our area. Digitalis grandiflora (Yellow Foxglove) stands 24"-30 " tall and bears large lemon yellow hanging bells very similar in appearance to D. purpurea in every way but color. Although it stands the same height as the previous species, the flowers of Digitalis lutea (Fairy Foxglove) are petite in comparison and give this plant a delicate charm. Digitalis ferruginea(Rusty Foxglove)  has distinctly different flowers that are white with rust colored venation.

All three Digitalis are true perennials in our area and prefer to grow in light to moderate shade in soil that is not too dry. All members of this Genus are highly toxic and for that reason are never eaten by deer or rabbits. Ironically, extracts from this plant are used medicinally to treat heart disease.

Hardy to Zone 3

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