Blooming Today (April 16) : Scilla siberica (Siberian Squill)

This diminutive and charming super-early bloomer brings a splash of blue to the garden in April, when we most long to see flowers after our long Wisconsin winter. Star shaped true blue flowers face downward, atop dainty mahogany stems. Standing only 6" tall, this is a tiny plant but one that carries clout due to its season of bloom. It self sows readily and creates a sea of blue in earliest spring, quickly vanishing into summer dormancy and leaving the stage open for the perennials to follow. We use it in abundance in our deciduous shade gardens to start the season out with a "bang". This is also the plant that is used to create the illusion of flowing water through a lawn, again due to its early dormancy (enjoy the flowers and they'll be gone before you need to mow for the first time!).  

A native of Russia, it is hardy to Zone 2. 
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