Blooming Today (June 16, 2016) : Purple Phlomis (Phlomis tuberosa)

Phlomis tuberosa is a rarely seen perennial that, while not beautiful in the traditional sense, brings a great deal of interest to the perennial garden. It produces tall (4'-5') spires of whorled lavender/purple flowers in a distinctive vertical tiered arrangement. The flowers are beloved by pollinators and are excellent for cutting & drying or for winter interest if left standing.
Phlomis is an adaptable plant that will grow in full sun or partial shade. It is drought tolerant and actually prefers a dry site. As a (well behaved) member of the Mint Family it tends to be left undisturbed by deer and rabbits.
We think it's fun to have a few plants in your garden that most visitors have never seen before - this will be one of those plants that your visitors will ask about!

 USDA Hardiness Zones 4-9.
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