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Dodocatheon meadia
Dodocatheon jeffreyii
Dodocatheon media
Blooming Today (April 27, 2012):
Dodecatheon (Shooting Star)
Shooting Stars have a graceful elegance that charms all who take the time to slow down and notice these exquisite petite beauties. Their delicate flowers rise on slender 6"-10" stems above a rosette of green basal foliage. The flowers remind us of ballet dancers!

Our native Shooting Star (Dodecatheon media) bears white to pale pink flowers and is adapted to growing in moist soil in partial shade. The western species (Dodecatheon jeffreyii) is slightly smaller and adorns itself with bright magenta pink flowers. It is  a high elevation species that grows naturally along mountain streambanks in the pacific northwest but will also happily grow in our Wisconsin climate & soils.

Both species are spring blooming and their foliage will fade into summer dormancy by July. Mark their location in the garden so that you don't inadvertently dig them up - you'll want to enjoy these precious beauties for years to come.

Hardy to Zones 4-8.

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