Looking Impressive Today(September 7, 2016) : Giant Miscanthus (Miscanthus giganteus)

Okay - this is one impressive grass! It grows to a towering height of 12' in a single season, which makes it an incomparable seasonal screening plant.
It grows so fast and vigorously, in fact, that it is becoming the world's foremost biofuel crop, grown extensively around the globe as a commercial energy crop. Despite its amazing rate of vertical growth it does not run around the garden but rather slowly increases to eventually form a truly striking specimen.
Unlike most other Miscanthus, M. giganteus is grown primarily for its foliage rather than its plumes. While it does occasionally produce a small display of plumes (in years with especially long growing seasons) it is valued mostly for its gargantuan vertical foliar display.
 USDA Hardiness Zones 5-9.
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