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Blooming This Week (4th week of June)

Cacalia muhlenbergii (syn. Arnoglossom reniforme)

Great Indian Plaintain

Cacalia muhlenbergii (syn. Arnoglosum reniforme)

Cacalia muhlenbergii (syn. Arnoglosum reniforme)

Cacalia muhlenbergii (syn. Arnoglosum reniforme)

Are you in search of an impressive architectural accent plant for your perennial or naturalized border? Look no further than Great Indian Plantain (Cacalia muhlenbergii/Arnoglosum reniforme). Thick, sturdy red tinted stems rise to 8’ and are topped with flat clusters of cream colored flower heads in June. The palmate green basal leaves are huge (up to10” across)  and the leaves become progressively smaller as they approach the top of the 6’-8’ stems. The tall stems of this plant create strong upward vertical lines which are contrasted with the horizontal effect of the robust leaves.

This imposing plant is a Wisconsin wet prairie native. As such, it thrives in moist soil but is very adaptable and will happily grow in a wide range of soil types. It prefers full sun but will also tolerate partial shade. As long as it is given at least five hours of sun a day its sturdy stems should never require staking.

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