Blooming Today (June-October) : Calamintha 'Montrose White' 

'Montrose White' Catmint

It is frustrating that one of our very favorite perennials is nearly impossible to capture in a flattering photograph. Its dainty flowers are insignificant individually but en masse they form a billowy 12" white cloud that blooms non-stop from June through hard frost. Truly the longest blooming perennial in our collection!
Calamintha, while perhaps not suited as a specimen plant, makes an exceptional companion plant, filler and edging plant. It is ideal as a repeating element to tie the garden together. Its airy, cloud-like presence when paired with bolder flowering plants creates the look of a garden bouquet.
In addition to being a fantastic performer this plant is an all-season nectar source, beloved by bees and butterflies.  
Being a member of the mint family,  Calamintha has a pungent scent that makes it unattractive to deer and rabbits.
Calamintha prefers full sun and, once established, is extremely drought tolerant 

While there are a number of attractive cultivars available we carry only the sterile varieties as some of the others seed far too aggressively for our tastes. Sterile varieties include 'Montrose White' (white) and nepetoides ssp. nepetoides (palest blue / near white).

Hardy Zones 4-9
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