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Baptisia australis
Baptisia australis
Blooming Today (June 7th):
False Indigo (Baptisia australis)

This prairie native is superbly adapted to growing in our Wisconsin gardens. It is tolerant of our extreme temperatures and erratic glaciated soil conditions. Its blue pea-like flowers were historically used as a blue dye substitute for true indigo (thus the common name "False Indigo"). It forms a large 36"-48" shrub-like specimen of glaucous green foliage topped by racemes of purple-blue flowers in early summer. The flowers are followed by attractive black seed pods that we leave standing throughout the winter for off-season interest. Baptisia has adapted to growing in less-than-ideal conditions by putting down firm roots. Once planted Baptisia should be left undisturbed as it has a tremendous taproot and resents disturbance. We have several varieties available (some in small supply). Newer introductions have been bred for vigor and for bearing prolific blooms at a young age. All are supreme garden plants. 

 We also have a rarely seen Baptisia called Baptisia minor that is essentially a dwarf form of B. australis, ideally suited to the smaller garden.

Hardy to Zone 3.

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