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We have an excellent selection of beautiful, mature specimens of ornamental grasses.

Miscanthus, sometimes referred to as Northern Pampas Grass, are notable for their impressive stature and fluffy plumes that remain attractive throughout the winter months. There are many varieties, offering different variegation patterns, differing heights and different leaf textures.

Miscanthus 'Silberfeider' ('Silver Feather'):  Showy plumes atop 8' tall stems.  Plumes start slender and become cloud-like & fluffy as they mature.

Miscanthus 'Strictus' (Porcupine Grass): Brilliant horizontal yellow bands on wide green leaf blades. Stiffly upright habit. Miscanthus 'Zebrinus' (Zebra Grass) has similar variegation but a slightly more loose & open habit.
Miscanthus 'Variegatus': Clean white vertical variegation on each leaf blade.
The Panicums (Switch Grasses) are midwest prairie natives so are perfectly adapted to growing in our midwestern climate & soils.

Panicum 'Northwind': Selected right here in Wisconsin for its exceptional upright habit and lovely airy seedheads.

Panicum 'Shenandoah': The first of the red-tipped  perennial grasses to hit the market a number of years ago. The top 1/3 of each leaf blade turns burgundy by mid summer. Vase like loose open habit topped with clouds of light airy seedheads in summer & fall.

Panicum 'Ruby Ribbons': A newer introduction with all of the same characteristics of 'Shenandoah' but a much darker, richer burgundy color that is present throughout the growing season.

Pennisetum (Fountain Grass) has a much more mounding habit than the previous grasses topped by foxtail-like plumes in autumn.

Pennisetum 'Karley Rose': Elegantly arched pink colored plumes.
Nancy's Favorite!

Pennisetum 'Red Head': Dense, upright red colored plumes. (limited supply).
Calamogrostis (   ) are the workhorses of the ornamental grass world. Their wide use in municipal and commercial landscapes speaks to their adaptability, hardiness and long season of interest.

Calamogrostis 'Karl Foerster': Intensely vertical habit. Slender plumes that develop in June and remain wheat colored throughout the growing season and into the winter months.

Calamogrostis 'Eldorado': Although there are several white variegated forms of Calamogrostis ('Overdam' & 'Avalanche') this bright yellow variegated form is our favorite.

Calamogrostis brachytricha: Similar in appearance to Pennisetum, this grass forms a mound adorned with an abundance of bottlebrush plumes in autumn. Tolerant of partial shade.

Schizachryrium (Little Bluestem) is a Wisconsin prairie native with steel blue colored foliage that turns russet red in autumn. Beautiful!

In addition to the straight species we have a number of cultivars selected for such characteristics as richer blue foliage color ('The Blues'), more intense fall color ('Blaze') and shorter stature and more upright habit ('Jazz' & 'Little Luke').

Spodiopogon (Frost Grass) is a mid to large sized grass known for its fall showiness.

Spodiopogon sibericus comes into its glory in autumn when it turns a striking burgundy color and bears its upright seedheads

Helictotrichon (Blue Oat Grass) is our grass of choice when a gardener is looking for a smaller scale blue grass. It is hardy, long lived, heat tolerant and simply a fantastic garden performer (unlike the popular, but disappointing, Blue Fescue grasses).

The species, Helictotrichon sempervirens, is a fantastic plant as is the cultivar 'Sapphire', selected for its slightly richer blue color.

Chasmanthium (Northern Sea Oats) is notable for being the most shade tolerant of the larger grasses.

Chasmanthium latifolium: Attractive green hanging seedheads age to tan and are extremely popular for dried arrangements.

Sasa (Bamboo) gets a bad rap but there are some species that are very well behaved in the garden.

Sasa 'Albo Striata': A dwarf variegated bamboo that forms a low mass of  green & white wide leaf blades. Totally hardy for us here and very well behaved (we've had it for years and it does NOT run around). Imparts an oriental essence. Nice also as a container plant.

We also have an excellent selection of SHADE GRASSES!

Hakonechloa (Japanese Weeping Forest Grass): Graceful weeping habit. Slow to establish but soooo worth the wait. We carry the green leaf form as well as the yellow variegated form ('Aureola') and the pure gold one ('All Gold').

Carex 'Ice Dance': We carry many types of Carex, all of whom thrive in shade, but this one is among our favorites. Even under the harsh drought conditions of 2012 it has looked pristine all season. Very adaptable!

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