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Blooming Today (April 15)

Glory of the Snow

Despite the wintery temperatures our gardens at Monches Farm are beginning to come to life. The first  welcome flowers of the season are the early season or "minor" bulbs. These petite beauties are the opening act for what will be the abundance of the flower garden in just a few short weeks. Rising up through the cold brown earth, and often through snow , they are a delight for those of us who have anxiously been awaiting the return of green to our gardens. We incorporate many minor bulbs  in our gardens to extend the bloom season but Chionodoxa is among our favorite.  Its delicate blue flowers are held upright and  have a prominent white center that makes them very visible even when viewed from a distance (such as the comfort of your living room, looking out!). Chionodoxa will thrive in full sun or full deciduous shade but it can not tolerate evergreen shade as it needs to utilize the early spring sun before the trees leaf out. Their bloom period is determined partly by temperatures ; in cool springs the flowers may last 2-3 weeks but if the temperatures increase sharply the bloom time is shortened accordingly. Immediately after flowering they disappear altogether into summer dormancy, leaving the stage open for the many perennial plants that will be emerging from their winter rest soon. Glory-of-the-snow can be found in the blue color shown as well as in white and pink (actually a very pale violet). Because of their diminutive size they are most effective when planted in drifts but even a small clump can be very delightful after a long winter. Chionodoxa is a bulb that is usually planted in fall but we do have some potted plants available that are in beautiful full bloom at this very moment.

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