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Blooming This Week (4th week of July):

Monarda ("Beebalm")

True fire-engine red is a difficult color to find in the world of horticulture. Monarda is one genus that delivers 100% with this rare color. There are a number of true-red Monarda, as well as cultivars in a range of other colors including raspberry, pink, coral, purple, mauve and white. The flowers all dry beautifully and keep their vibrant color and delightful minty fragrance even when dried and used in winter floral arrangements. The funnel shaped flowers of this plant are ideal for attracting hummingbirds (especially the red blooming forms). The tangy flavored foliage is not favored by deer or rabbits. This is a generous plant that increases rapidly but not obnoxiously. Older varieties were prone to powdery mildew on the foliage (unsightly but not fatal) but newer varieties have been bred with mildew resistant foliage. Keeping these plants happy and healthy with ample moisture, nutrients and good air circulation will also lessen the occurrence of powdery mildew.

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