Blooming Today (June 14, 2015) : Gillenia/Porteranthus trifoliata  (Bowman's Root)

Gillenia (aka Porteranthus) trifoliata (“Bowman’s Root”) is a North American woodland native that makes an excellent garden plant. Upright dark chocolate colored stems rise to 36” and bear masses of delicate butterfly-like white flowers in June that wave gracefully atop the green foliage. After blooming this plant retains an attractive habit and its fine textured foliage and vertical form make an excellent contrast to the many shade plants with heavier, bolder foliage. Tolerant of dry shade.

‘Pink Profusion’ is a pink blooming form with bronze colored foliage that increases slowly and only grows 18”-24” 

 USDA Hardiness Zones 4-8.
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