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Heuchera villosa
Heuchera villosa

Blooming this week (3rd week of September)
Heuchera villosa ("Autumn Bride")

Heuchera villosa, sometimes called “Autumn Bride”, is a first rate performer for the autumn garden. Throughout the growing season it bears lime green maple-like leaves in a tidy mound. The real show begins in autumn, though, when a profusion of tiny white flowers are borne in slender spires above the foliage starting in August and often lasting into October. In addition to the green leaf form there are many selections, cultivars and hybrids that offer varied foliage colors and flowers. Of these our personal favorite is Heuchera ‘Caramel’, which is a spectacular 3-season foliage plant beginning with vibrant coppery peach foliage in spring and progressing through bronze by late summer.

All Heuchera villosa selections require partial shade and, although tolerant of dry soil, prefer a humus rich site. Mature foliage height is roughly 12”, with flowers reaching to 18”.

Note: “Autumn Bride” self sows moderately and will gradually colonize. If you don’t want seedlings then be sure to deadhead the flowers as they fade.

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