Fall Planting

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Fall is a great time for planting.

As the temperatures drop plants begin to slow their top growth and put energy into root growth. Root development will continue long after top growth has stopped; during this time the plant is building a firm foundation for the following year. As a result, perennials planted now will emerge vigorously from  winter dormancy with a jump-start on perennials planted in spring. Fall planting is best done before mid-October but can successfully be done right up until the ground freezes. We recommend a protective layer of mulch for the first winter on fall-planted perennials to prevent frost heaving*.

*Note: Many people misunderstand the purpose of winter mulch. Mulch is not intended to keep the soil warm but rather to keep the soil frozen so that the roots are not "heaved" out of the soil. Therefore, the correct time to apply winter mulch is AFTER the ground is frozen.

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