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Corinthian Bells Windchimes

Corinthian Bells are visually and acoustically exceptional windchimes; we believe that they are the best chimes on the market today.

They are constructed with durable, weather-resistant materials and will perform beautifully for many, many years.  The tubes are made of precision cut powder coated aluminum alloy, and the strikers are made using a custom polymer formulated to withstand exposure to the outdoors. 

Each tube is hand-tuned so that it produces a note that is true to its scale, producing clear musical notes. The central suspension system design creates rich musical tones with long lasting resonance. 

Perhaps best of all, these windchimes are American Made from start to finish.  Each chime is handmade in the United States using raw materials sourced from American providers and comes with a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

A great gift!

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