Goodbye, George

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It’s funny how these things happen. We go about our daily business, sharing our work-a-day world with others. Slowly, imperceptibly, our feelings towards these others change. We begin to see them in a new light. You start to appreciate what they bring to our daily life. Companionship. Humor.  An awareness of the lives of others, very different from our own. These things can happen – even if the “other” is a different species.

So it was with our special rooster, George.  He has been an ambassador here at the Farm for several years. A bit of a poultry celebrity figure. Children loved to pick him up and carry him around. Artists came to paint his likeness. He was captured in innumerable photographs. We had many visitors who stopped by the Farm and said they were just coming by to visit George! He was a well loved rooster.

He came to us via a customer who lived in an apartment in Madison. Her son, enamored of the adorable fluffy chicks at the local feed mill, pleaded with her to allow him to bring one home.  As mothers often do, and against her better judgment, she relented. So George came to his first home, where he was lovingly tended to by his young caretaker. As a result he became devoted to people. Before too long, however, he had outgrown his limited quarters and was in need of a new, more spacious, place to call home. His caretakers brought him to us and, although we don't usually take in roosters, we made an exception for George given the circumstances and his obvious sweet nature. We are thankful that we did as he spent the next five years enchanting visitors with his avian charms.

This past winter George developed a cough. At the advice of a veterinarian we put him on antibiotics and his condition improved. With the arrival of spring the chickens were delighted to be released into the sunshine again but George’s cough returned. We started him on a second round of antibiotics - to no avail. George died this morning (Friday, April 6, 2012).

Rest in Peace, George. We will miss you.

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