Art of the Table 2010

Milwaukee Art Museum
Art of the Table
Monches Farm was honored to join Milwaukee Art Museum’s ‘Art of the Table’, November 18-21 , 2010. This exciting event paired area designers with galleries in MAM’s collection and asked that they interpret the art in the gallery through the design of the space on and around an 8' table. In addition to the interpretive creations on display throughout the weekend there were seminars and lectures offered on a variety of design related topics. It was another imaginative and successful MAM event!

Monches Farm's founder, Scott Sieckman, and Salisbury Hill garden designer Mathias Kastell designed the table space for this debut event. Our table was located in the 19th Century Central European Art gallery. Scott and Matt described their inspiration for the table design as follows: "We were inspired by the artwork in this gallery in its portrayal of the beauty found in the contrasts of the past: farmers and aristocrats, gold and raw wood, abundance and scarcity, and the living together of man and beast."

Beechwood table handcrafted in Germany. Upholstered chairs are antique reproductions of 18th century European style
Antique Nativity Figures graced the center of the table
Antique Austrian cow carving
Greens at the center of the table included Boxwood, Huckleberry and Hawthorn.
Antique Hessen Blue decorated stoneware  beer stein
Aged patina wooden candlesticks are reproductions of Baroque originals
Antiqued brass and copper star Reliquary
Antique European Rosary rests on a sheath of wheat
Another view of the Table
Our Inspiration (artwork from the gallery):
Antique Beer Steins on exhibit in gallery
'Heifers at Play'
Anton Braith
'The Card Players'
Eduard von Grutzner
'The Overturned Oxcart'
Heinrich von Zugel
'Far From Home'
Ernst Bosch
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