Locally Sourced Wool

Monches Farm, LLC
5890 Monches Road
Colgate, Wisconsin
phone: 262-966-2787

Locally Sourced Fine Wool

We are pleased to offer locally sourced quality wool, provided by the small, pampered flock of Wensleydale and Lincoln sheep that reside just down the road from Monches Farm. Cleaned and carded, this wool is ready for your spinning, felting or other fiber arts projects.

Wensleydale sheep are a long-wooled breed of sheep that  originating in Yorkshire, England in the mid 1800’s. They produce long, soft, silky fleece that is considered to be among the finest and most valuable in the world. Its superior quality is often compared to mohair, with which it is frequently blended.

The Lincoln sheep is another heirloom breed, originated in England in the late 1700s. It has long been valued  for its versatile wool that is prized for spinning and weaving. It is a very rare breed that reached a critically low population in the 1970s before making a revival in the 1980s & 1990s. Although its numbers have increased it is still considered to be an "at risk" breed in its native land.

In addition to naturally colored local wool we also have available a kaleidoscopic selection of dyed wools.



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