Steve and Dave

Monches Farm, LLC
5890 Monches Road
Colgate, Wisconsin
phone: 262-966-2787

The Saga of Steve & Dave
Steve Dave
Steve Dave

Early in the season someone slowed down on the road in front of the Farm and dumped out two small Bantam roosters. Confused and disoriented, they stayed along the roadside for nearly a week waiting for the return of their abandoners. Finally they tentatively approaching our poultry barn. There, unfortunately, they were met with a very hostile welcome and were repeatedly chased and bullied until they retreated. With nowhere else to go,  they settled in up in our perennial sales area, entertaining customers with their crowing and accepted handouts of cracked corn from anyone willing to supply it. These tiny avian gentlemen, christened "Steve" & "Dave" by two widowed customers in honor of their deceased husbands (!),  worked their way into the affections of staff & customers alike with their charm and resilience. As the temperatures began to drop we were concerned for the future of our "boys" since they couldn't possibly survive the winter without shelter. We are happy to report that a kind couple who had taken a shine to these two fine guys has given them a home where they will enjoy the comfort and security of their very own poultry barn and enclosed garden. Hurray!

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