Slug Wars

Slug Wars!

Slugs can devastate a beautiful Hosta collection and reduce a moist shade garden to tatters. 


A simple solution of unscented household ammonia applied as a soil drench in the spring will kill overwintering slugs and slug eggs in the soil and can significantly reduce slug populations.Using a watering can, apply a 20% ammonia solution (1 part ammonia to 4 parts water) generously as a soil soak around the crown of your Hosta plants just as the pips are breaking the soil in the spring. The ammonia solution kills the slugs and, since ammonia is primarily nitrogen, it actually supplies nutrients to the plants at the same time.

Note: Once the Hostas have leafed out a milder 10% solution (1 part ammonia to 9 parts water) can be applied during the growing season as well.

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