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Meet Our Staff

Visitors often tell us that Monches Farm is a special place. We agree. The secluded rural setting, tucked away in a rolling wooded  section of southeastern Wisconsin, makes it hard to believe that we're just 30 minutes from downtown Milwaukee. Our shop is abundant with unique gifts and one-of-a-kind everlasting floral arrangements. Our gardens and growing fields showcase mature specimens of a wide range of unusual perennial and annual plants. Our nursery sales yard features potted plants sunk into the earth where they will stay until adopted by a gardener (an assurance of winter hardiness!). Our chickens are entertaining. Sir Frederick, our peacock, is spectacular.

But we believe that what truly sets us apart is our people. We are fortunate to have a team of folks here at Monches Farm who are truly passionate about what they do. Our floral designers have decades of experience in working closely with our clients to create custom floral pieces. Our landscape staff is hard working and enthusiastic about their garden creations. The combined horticultural knowledge of our outdoor staff is vast. We're here for you. Visit. Ask. We can't wait to see you!

The Owners
Scott Sieckman, Owner Monches Farm

Scott Sieckman


Scott is the man behind the magic of Monches Farm. He studied Art and Anthropology at Ripon College and later Ornamental Horticulture at UW Madison. He pursued his dream of having his own business in 1980 by starting a small perennial nursery near the future site of what we now know as Monches Farm. To build up the business Scott also sold his harvest of plants and dried flowers at Farmers Markets as far as Madison. At that time he never imagined that it would grow to the multifaceted and inspirational place it is today.

Matt Kastell, Garden Designer, Salisbury Hill
Matt Kastell

Matthias was born  in Germany into a family of Winemakers. He came to the US as an Archaeologist, and for the first years worked for a research company in Milwaukee, locating and studying prehistoric and historic Sites in Wisconsin. He then obtained a degree in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture and joined Scott at Monches Farm in 1996. Matt’s interest is focused on naturalistic garden spaces, which  he and his crew are creating.  Matt and Scott started Salisbury Hill-Garden Design as a sister Company to Monches Farm.

Scott and Matt

have identical interests in many ways. First and foremost Flowers and Gardens and everything that comes with it.

History and Historic Buildings .
In their travels Scott and Matt explore historic places in the US and Europe to learn more about gardens and historic architecture.
Both of them have separately and together restored many Pioneer buildings in Wisconsin and have a special interest in Fachwerk  (Half Timber) Buildings.
They recreated a Rural Homestead near River Edge Nature Center in Newburg, Wisconsin where they relocated Historic Buildings,  and created Fences,
Pastures and Gardens. This years project will be to establish a 14 acre prairie.

The beauty of things old is something that both Scott and Matt hold very dear. “ It is the soul in these things that brings warmth into our lives” Matt says. “The passion for these things is not something we learned it is something we had and build upon”.

Food and cooking
Scott and Matt love good home made food and despite long hours at work enjoy cooking every day. For that they grow vegetables in their large kitchen garden that produces enough to also preserve for the winter

Outdoor Sales Staff
Zannah Crowe, Horticulturist
Zannah Crowe, Garden Center Manager

Zannah has been working in the field of horticulture for over 30 years. She holds a degree in Landscape Architecture and, before joining our Monches Farm staff in 1996, managed a specialty perennial nursery in Connecticut and acted as Executive Director of a local community gardening program. Although she loves all plants she has a special interest in Daylilies and is a hobbyist hybridizer. She is an enthusiastic amateur photographer and is the eye-behind-the-lens for all of the Farm's photography. Zannah also has a fondness for companion birds which has gained her the moniker "The Bird Lady".


Nancy, Outdoor Sales

Nancy is the backbone of our outdoor staff. She has been with the Farm for over 25 years and has been instrumental in the growth of the nursery side of the business. Nancy is a tireless worker and a wealth of plant knowledge. Her special interest and expertise is with native prairie plants and Hosta. Nancy has strong opinions about plants and doesn't hesitate to voice them. This candor has gained her a loyal following of customers who won't take a plant home without Nancy's "OK"! A retired English Professor and dedicated docent at the Milwaukee Art Museum, Nancy has a busy life with many interests outside the Farm so  joins our staff on weekends only.

Bette, Outdoor Sales

Bette is back with us again after retiring (for a second time) from a career in banking. She is an enthusiastic gardener  whose special interest is annuals. Bette thoroughly researches the new annual introductions each year and is a wealth of knowledge. Her love of flora is contagious and her creativity with plant combinations is noteworthy.

Melissa, Outdoor Sales

With 20 years of experience in the Green Industry, Melissa is a fantastic new addition to our sales staff in 2014. She has extensive experience in creating seasonal color containers and is a whiz with annual combinations. She is also a lifelong gardener and is an enthusiastic student of horticulture who is always eager to learn and to then share her knowledge with others.

Annie, Outdoor Sale

Annie, a long time customer at the Farm, inquired about the possibility of work right at a time when we were in need of extra help. Serendipity! She is an artist with a strong background in visual aesthetics. She is passionate about the plants that she knows and loves and is excited about learning so many more now that she will be a part of our outdoor staff.

Alison, Outdoor Sales
Pinch can we be so fortunate as to have this talented, energetic, knowledgeable, personable and beautiful woman walk into our lives right when we most needed her? Alison stuck up a conversation with Noah (a former well loved employee), and their plant talk led them to Monches Farm. 
Welcome, Alison! We're thrilled to have you. 
And thank you, Noah!

Shop Staff
Johanna Kleckner, Shop Manager
Johanna Kleckner, Shop Manager

Update: Johanna retired in 2015. We will miss her!  Johanna brought her distinctive design flair to the Monches Farm Shop for over 20 years. She possesses an exceptional artistic imagination that she applies not only to floral design but also to her many other handcrafts, ranging from Fairy Furniture & Couture to felted wool accessories.  Johanna's unique creative vision helped establish the Monches  Farm "Look".

Sue Morgan, Floral Designer
Sue Morgan, Floral Design

Sue has been creating custom dried and everlasting floral designs for as long as she can remember! She was a customer at the Farm before she joined our team in 2003. Sue has an eye for color, texture & form that results in breathtaking floral creations. Her work has been featured in several publications and routinely appears on the cover of Wisconsin Country Life magazine. She works closely with clients to custom design  pieces that are reflective of their personal style.

Nursery Production Staff

Our production staff are our behind-the-scenes workers. Although visitors might catch a glimpse of them weeding the gardens, re-stocking plants in the sales yard or lining perennials out in the growing fields, for the most part they are not seen. The work they do, however, is the basis of our entire nursery operation. These are the folks who sow the seeds, take the vegetative cuttings, tend the "baby" plants, divide & pot field stock and generally manage the entire production of our plants. They are a hard working group of individuals!


Linda, Production

Linda is a great asset to the Farm in terms of her flexibility and multitude of skills. She not only works in production but also helps the Salisbury Hill landscape crew when needed and assists in the sales yard. Her constant good humor and cheerful outlook make her a pleasure to work with in any venue.  Linda is an avid outdoors person who enjoys kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing and horseback riding.

Chris, Production

Chris is a neighbor in the Monches area who has been working with us since 2002. She is a constant presence in the production area carrying out a multitude of tasks including weeding, watering, fertilizing, dividing, potting, and field maintenance. She is also informal guardian to our poultry flock and on many nights makes a sunset trip over to the Farm to close the poultry barn door for the night safety of our chickens. Chris is a nature and wild bird lover who spends much of her free time canoeing, hiking and bird watching.

Support Staff


Beth and Dick Sieckman,
Scott’s Mom and Dad

Monches Farm would not be the same without the two of them. Both gave countless hours, Dad working in the nursery, doing sales, watering, making deliveries, picking flowers, and all else that needed to be done. Mom spent countless  hours, making arrangements, picking flowers, watering and the like. Today she still does most of the office work. Beth  taught  Paleontology, and Oceanography at the University school of Milwaukee and has always been passionate about traveling. My dad was in insurance sales and is a talented wood worker. We're glad to have them help out all the time, when they're not working in their own large gardens.

Sadly, Dick left us in November of 2013. His gentle ways and warm humor are very much missed.

Donna, Maintenance

Donna knows the meaning of a hard-day-of-work-on-the-farm from a lifetime of running her family's dairy farm. Recently "retired", she joins us in 2014 as a member of our production & maintenance staff. She is a welcome addition here at Monches Farm for her willingness to take on arduous tasks with a smile and pitch in wherever and whenever needed.

Ivan, Hospitality

Ivan spent many years working in our growing fields ; digging, dividing & potting perennials and weeding & watering the  fieldstock. If you've attended any of our special events or Open Houses you have probably been greeted by Ivan's friendly face and warm "Hello". During busy events he assists us with managing traffic and parking. His hearty welcomes & farewells are legendary. Ivan is an enthusiastic fisherman and bicyclist.

Landscape Staff
Salisbury Hill Garden Design

Salisbury Hill Garden Design

is a small Garden  Design Company that offers design, installation and maintenance of true gardens. Matt and his crew use Monches Farm grown plants to create magic. Every garden space we do is different and  depends on the character of the property and it’s owners. But all gardens we create have  one thing in common; they reflect the harmony of nature. In addition to gardens Salisbury Hill does container plantings, seasonal decoration  and creates fresh holiday wreaths, garlands and arrangements. Matt also offers personal consultations for people that need a jump start in to gardening on their own property or just need some ideas what to do with their landscape.

Matt Kastell can be reached at 262 224 3787.


Brenda is the head gardener at Salisbury Hill, she has worked with Matt since 1997 at Monches Farm and continued to practice her garden design  skills at Salisbury Hill.
Brenda has a degree in Horticulture and  developed a special love for naturalistic gardens and container gardens. For the Christmas season Brenda continues to show her talents at Monches Farm making her incredible wreaths from unusual fresh greens.

Mary Beth

Mary Beth joined Salisbury Hill in 2015 and has been a great asset. She has many years of experience in the Green Industry and is a strong, able worker who also brings a great deal of knowledge to the position.

Garden Center / Nursery Staff

Nursery Production Staff

Salisbury Hill Garden Design

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