VGT- Autumn Plant

Virtual Garden Tour : Favorite Plant for the Autumn Garden

Sweet Autumn Clematis

"The sweet autumn clematis is my favorite fall plant this year. The buds are so abundant and the fragrance is great too! 
The white flowers brighten up this corner of the yard."
~Leona Smith

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Anemone 'Queen Charlotte'

"This picture is from the garden of Dorothy Danforth. It is a photo from my fall garden, Anemone "Queen Charlotte" of my favorite perennials. It spreads, graces the beds and peeks through other plants."
~Dorothy Danforth

Aster divaricata 'Eastern Star'

Aster 'Eastern Star' (Wood Aster)

"When parts of the garden are winding down for the season, I love to see the multitude of tiny stars burst forth on my wood aster (divaricatus ‘Eastern Star’). Up until two years ago, the hardest spot to nurture in my yard was under three enormous evergreens: very low light (less than an hour of morning sun) and dry. For more than fifteen years I struggled to add interest and variety to this area. The best performer I found (on Nancy’s recommendation) was the wood aster. So wonderful to have a bright burst of light in a dark place. With the removal of my evergreens by the power company, my wood aster has settled in to a location where it receives all-afternoon sun and continues to thrive. Perfect for a woodland garden."
~Terri Suchy

Nancy's Advice....

Nancy is a firm believer in the Autumn Garden. Her philosophy is to plan your garden from Autumn, backwards. 

There are so many choices for the spring garden and so many people shopping in the springtime that most people end up with a fantastic spring and early summer garden. 

The opposite is true of the fall, when there are many lovely plants blooming that go underutilized because most gardeners have stopped looking for plants to add to their garden (and, let's face it....we're all a little tired by the time fall rolls around...).

So, consider Nancy's advice. Next spring when you are shopping for plants, bring along a list of fall bloomers to plant in May or June. This way they'll have an entire growing season to get established and will be ready to present you with their beauty even the first year in the garden.

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