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Virtual Garden Tour : Favorite Plant Combination

Delphinium & Coneflower

"I like the combination of delphinium and coneflowers. 
The light blue and pink seem to shimmer in the sun.."
~Leona Smith

Japanese Forest Grass (Hakonechloa) & Hosta

"I love the contrasting texture and form of Hakonechloa with bold Hosta foliage. Echoing the yellow color ties the two together visually."
~James Antonie

Coleus & Calibrachoa

"Every year I like to plant something bright in this planter on our front porch. Coleus and calibrachoa are the 2 plants that work the best. This photo was taken last August. This year's plants are not this big yet."
~Susan Wilde

Coleus, Toad Lily (Tricyrtis) & Japanese Forest Grass (Hakonechloa)

"I love the combination of coleus and Japanese forest grass but adding toad lily to this combo adds even more contrast and interest. 
The toad lily has upright stems topped with delicate, striking flowers that are speckled and bloom in the fall. 
With the rich, velvet look of the coleus, it makes a spectacular background for the grass. 
Best of all, the color of the Japanese forest grass makes the lime green color in the coleus pop and it also catches your eye as it arches and sways gracefully in the wind."
~Penny Farrell

Blue Allium (Allium azureum) & Yarrow (Achillea 'Moonshine')

"The sky blue of Allium 'Azureum' is stunning on its own but is even more striking when combined with yellow flowers."
~Joanne Ilger

Variegated Iris & Allium

"It was hard to choose between two of my favorite combinations. One is a Variegated Hosta with Purple Alliums, but I believe the next has to be my number one favorite combination. Giant Alliums and Bearded Iris with yellow and green striped variegated leaves. My mother-in-law moved out of her long-time home last fall and I dug the Iris plants up just before her home sold. She believes the Iris is called a Variegated Sweet Iris. It had blue flowers with just a touch of yellow and the fragrance was similar to grape jam! Once they finished blooming, the Alliums began to open. They are gorgeous and have been in bloom now for about a month. I really enjoy looking out at them through my french patio doors and windows or enjoying their sweet smell from the patio. They really make perfect companion plants."
~Germaine Bilicki 

Note: The Iris pictured is a variegated Iris pallida. 
It does have the most astoundingly sweet grape scented flowers!

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