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Virtual Garden Tour : Favorite Daylily


"Nothing prettier than the classic Hyperion! It's buttery yellow beckons you to come close and enjoy its secret scent. It's a willing companion to anything nearby."
~Robert Jones

Note: Robert has pared his 'Hyperion' with one of our favorite plants, Nepeta 'Souvenir D'Andre Chaudron'.

'Erin Farmer'

"The Erin Farmer Daylily shown here was started about 20 years ago. It has been divided many times and is the star throughout the yard in July. The flowers are huge, up to 7 inches across. The pink color comes out when it is planted in the sun. If planted in partial shade the orange hues predominate. As yummy as it looks, no critters munch on it. The only work involved with it is dividing and sharing."
~Linda Yorde

Note: Linda is correct in stating that the color of the flower on 'Erin Farmer' can vary depending on light conditions. This is true of many daylily varieties! Below is a photo of 'Erin Farmer' taken here at the Farm, showing its more orange hues:


"This daylily is called, 'Zagora' is the first daylily to bloom in early summer. I have had it for many years, having purchased it in 2002, my 70th daylily. I have divided it and have a whole separate bed of this beauty with the amber color, maroon halo and yellow throat. I have a large photo of it hanging in my home." 
~Dorothy Danforth 

Note: We love Dorothy's accurate description of 'Zagora'.  However, the photo (perhaps taken with a flash?),  showing more of a pink tone than is seen with the eye, is an excellent example of how difficult it can be to capture true colors in the myriad of daylily varieties available. It can be a real challenge! Here is a photo of 'Zagora' taken here at the Farm:

'El Desperado'

"El Desperado stands tall, with it's vibrant colors. It always brightens up even the shadiest areas in my garden."
~Karen Zimmerman

'Marse Connell'

"I like the "Spider" form daylilies with their narrow petals, which I think makes them look like stars. 'Marse Connell' is one of my favorites."
~Anita Sylvan

'Where's Waldo'

"This strikingly beautiful daylily is my favorite-of-the-moment. I appreciate its spectacular coloration, ruffled picotee edge, bud count, branching & vigor. What I love most about it, though, is that it came to Monches Farm via my respected friend Harold Steen and was purchased for me as gift by my dear colleague Bette Wink. Every time I look at the exquisite blossoms of this plant I will be reminded of two beloved friends. That is one of my favorite aspects of gardening!"
~Zannah Crowe

'Siloam Merle Kent'

"Most of the 'Siloam' series daylilies (hybridized by the late Pauline Henry of Siloam Springs, Arkansas) are smaller in stature (15"-24") and therefore lend themselves to use in the smaller scale garden or the front of the border. 'Siloam Merle Kent' is an exceptionally floriferous performer, bearing an abundance of flowers that give the plant the appearance of a bouquet."
~Monches Farm

'Vanessa Barth'

"The flowers of 'Vanessa Barth' illustrate an example of one of our favorite colorations : the watermark. A watermark is a zone above the flower's throat which is lighter in color than the petal color. The overall effect is that of a watercolor painting. Beautiful!"
~Monches Farm

Unnamed Seedlings

"A fun & fascinating feature of daylily gardening is the process of hybridizing and creating new varieties. There are over 75,000 registered varieties so we haven't added to that pool, but we still do enjoy the one-of-a-kind nature of seedling daylilies."
~Monches Farm

We love them all....

"Oh, let's face it....we love them all!"
~Monches Farm

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