VGT- June Perennial

Virtual Garden Tour : Favorite June Blooming Perennial

False Indigo (Baptisia)

"One of my June favorites is Baptisia australis also called False Indigo. It is an engaging plant throughout the whole season. Beautiful foliage prior to blooming, then tall spikes with intermittent blueish purple flowers, followed by seed pods that, once dry, rattle in the wind."
~Brent Federick


"Peonies are my all time favorite flowers. Last year I was lucky enough to find this gorgeous coral peony which fades to a beautiful yellow. This year I had three beautiful blooms which this is one of. To me it is a beautiful work of art....a treasure that comes once a year to be enjoyed and cherished."
~Tracy Kollock

Columbine (Aquilegia)

"The multifaceted uniqueness of Columbine (Aquilegia) makes it a standout in my garden and an all time favorite of mine and the hummingbirds. These spurred flowers are both beautiful and graceful. Even their fancy lobed leaves are distinctive and attractive once the flowers fade. My Columbine has self-sown itself nicely throughout my Hosta plantings, particularly nice by my blue-green Hostas."
~Sandra Neuens 

Bird's Foot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatus)

"Brilliant yellow color, complex flower structure, hardy where there are trampling feet and mowers... that's Bird's Foot Trefoil. The low growing flowers start their bloom in June coinciding nicely with companion plants like the Wild Geranium shown here. It is nature's gift for areas where it is difficult to maintain a ground cover."
~Linda Yorde

NOTE: Although beautiful, this plant is included on the Invasive Species List of  several Midwestern States due to its aggressive nature.

Gas Plant (Dictamnus)

"This plant is commonly referred to as  "Gas Plant"  due to its flammable nature when a flame is set close to the plant. I have not done this...yet...but on some Summer night, when the wafting scent of this delicate, yet robust plant, sets afloat her unique floriferous may see me out there with a lit match...then when you see me next with no eyebrows, you will think "she tried the Gas Plant lore...and "poof" a spark was ignited". You can see my hesitance. However, I am intrigued, and at some point will be adventurous. But for now, I enjoy it's joyful presence, as it stands center stage among the other natural beauties in my garden, showing off its orchid-like clusters to the the neighboring chickadee. I love this volatile, yet delicate a woman...beautiful in her own way...yet with a fiery side."
~Susan Steinhafel 

Perennial Heliotrope (Valeriana officinalis) 

"My favorite June perennial is perennial heliotrope(valerian) It's fragrance is awesome and fills the air as you walk by. Also the gentle breezes send the aroma through the whole yard and makes them sway in the to and fro. I love their wispiness and the white seems to glow in the dark."
~Leona Smith


"We sure enjoy our pretty purple flowers on our trellis."
~Tom Donohue

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