Virtual Garden Tour - Favorite Annual

Virtual Garden Tour : Favorite Annual

Verbena bonariensis

"Verbena bonariensis gets my vote for favorite annual. Tall verbena (aka 'pencil plant"--feel the stem and you will know why) is one of the best bee & butterfly magnets you can grow, and it makes good cut flowers, too. Verbena bonariensis originates from South America,(Buenes Aires) and it thrives in heat and tolerates drought. The slender stems stand up to 4 feet tall. It makes a great
see-through plant and filler plant for the herbaceous border. Try it with Rudbeckias, Pennisetum grasses, or in front of Alma Potschke Aster. It fits in anywhere! And it self sows I just pick the
plants when they go to seed and shake them like magic fairy wands anywhere in the garden that I want them to grow! The monarchs will thank you!"
~Liz Dutton


"One of my favorite annuals and one that I use every year is the Lobelia plant. For people who like to start their plants from seeds, there is a wide variety available to them. If you prefer instant gratification, you can find Lobelia plants at many local garden centers and farms. It is widely used in planters, but looks just as beautiful trailing over a garden wall or the edges of a rock garden. Lobelia plants prefer sun, but like to have cool roots, ‚Äčand an application of mulch usually does the trick. The dainty blue flowers of the Suntory Compact Sky Blue Lobelia create a bright contrast to the green foliage of the surrounding plants in my garden. By July it will have grown to its full height of approximately 12 inches tall and it will have a nice mounding form, making it the perfect summer annual."
~Geri B.


"Resembling the magnificent burst of fireworks, the annual Cleome is spectacular and a favorite. The flower picture here was grown in a container on my patio and was visited daily by hummingbirds and butterflies along with a occasional hummingbird moth."
~Sandra Jay Neuens 


"My favorite annual is Alyssum. I like all the varieties especially the 'Snow Princess' which can be used in whimsical containers. It seems to last all season and does especially well in cooler weather. I also like to use the regular Alyssum as a border in my front flower bed. It fills in nicely and rarely disappoints! The fragrance is wonderful too!"
~Leona Smith


"Zinnias are our favorite for brilliant color and all the awesome butterflys that the flowers attract. "
~Linda Goetz 


"My favorite annual is Cleome. This plant is so pretty in the back of your flower beds. It moves gently with the breeze and attracts butterflies."
~Judi Tilidetzke


"I think for me, one of my favorites are Pansies. I know that may seem common, but it is one of the earliest blooms of the season and something I can add to the yard for color after a winter without. This was from one of the pots we put together mid April.
Thank you for this opportunity to share."
~Brent Frederick

Gerbera Daisy

"I love Gerbera daisies because they greet our guests with their brightness and cheerfulness. The yellow and red ones remind me of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Plus, they make great cutting flowers."
~Karren Jeske

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