Our Furry and Feathered Friends

Our Furry & Feathered Friends


Our poultry barn houses a flock of rare  & heritage breed chickens. We often have fresh eggs  available for sale.
In our greenhouse you'll find two aviaries, one featuring gently cooing doves and the other filled with small tropical birds.
In the shop enjoy the beautiful music of our canary, Solaris.

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Spring Chick

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Saga of Steve & Dave

RIP George
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We keep a small flock of heirloom breed sheep,
selected for their superior wool.
They can be found in the meadow behind the house.

Baby Tave


& furry

Our Chocolate Labs, Lucy, Teddy and Willie are often at the Farm to welcome visitors. Many people have commented on the mellow disposition of these dogs and inquired about their breeding. They came from Smith Farms Labradors in Minnesota. Smith Farm specializes in producing labradors with stable temperaments and robust health.

Teddy Lucy
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